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S&D Sparkles Policies

A Comfortable Sparkle Experience

At S&D Sparkles, we want to make sure that your experience with us, online and in store is as enjoyable as possible.

That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure our store policies are fair, clear and transparent.

We are a friendly and respectful team.

In Store:

All breakages must be paid for.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us via Email, Mobile or Social Media!

We look forward to seeing you at S&D Sparkles.





S&D Sparkles will only provide a full refund once the product has returned to our return address:

28 Arundel Street


PO1 1NL 


S&D Sparkles is not liable to provide the return cost.

We will only provide a full refund if the product is returned in the condition that it was sent. 

It is expected that the customer will return the product in the packaging that it arrived in.


All of our products here at S&D Sparkles are hand packed by our well experienced team. We take care in our packing to ensure our products arrive safely and timely at our customers doorstep. 

Within the UK, our postage time is 7 - 10 days*

This allows time for processing, package and transit. 

*This is an estimated/average time, occasions may occur where dates are not within this time. In which case, please feel free to contact our customer support!

All Postage/Shipping is at our Customers Own Risk.

We take pride in our packaging to ensure the safest journey for your purchase. However, S&D Sparkles is not liable for damage to goods during transit. 

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